Rants & Essays

A collection of miscellaneous pieces written over the past few years:

“On Unschooling”—Unschooling is a deceptively easy concept once you know what it means, but how do you explain it to someone who doesn’t already get it?

“On Exceeding One’s Potential”—A reflection on the long-term effects of standardized testing—and of standardized education.

“Why I Will Not Sign the ‘We Stand for Homeschooling Statement and Resolution'”—Should homeschoolers be labelling families and programs as not-homeschoolers? If we’re trying to preserve what we value in homeschooling, shouldn’t we make a serious effort to define what homeschooling really is?

“A Homeschooler Is a Homeschooler Is a Homeschooler . . . “—There’s a lot of vehement talk these days about who is and who isn’t a Real Homeschooler, and why we should be careful how we define and use the term. Here’s why the whole discussion is ridiculous and counterproductive.

“The Conference Rant”—Why there are so few good homeschool conferences, and how their disappearance can be prevented

The More Things Change . . . “—You think American education is on the decline? You should have heard them 70 years ago!