Migrating again . . .

I’ve kept a kind of overall archive on my mobile.me site with links to various other online projects I’ve created in the past decade—my old Blogger homeschooling and fencing blogs, my Amazon and Lulu author pages, and various odds and ends—but decided to move most of it here because I’m not sure what Apple has planned for that part of mobile.me when they implement their new iCloud. And this way, I get everything active in WordPress, which I like more and more all the time.

It’s been interesting looking at a lot of the writing I did years ago and haven’t looked at since. Over the next few weeks I’ll probably repost a few of the entries from my old Viral Learning blog here, too. New posts, though, I’ll only add here if they’re specifically related to homeschooling—otherwise they’ll go up at my current main blog.

By Mary Posted in Meta